About us

Mission and Vision

Mi smo organizacija koja se bavi ispitivanjem destinacija za odmor na planini, ocenjivanjem smeštaja i pisanjem putopisa iz prve ruke!

On our site you will find information about places that we have visited. At every place that we visit we will photograph that place, the beach, prices in restaurants, cafes, fast food, supermarkets, bakeries.

Except these reports about the places we will present our impression about accomodation in which we have been, about his qualities and also weaknesses

We want to build a community of people who travel and help them in a quick and easy way to get the right accommodation where they will stay.

Our team


  • Marko Ratic

    Marko Ratić

    CEO - founder
  • Jelena Randjelovic

    Jelena Ranđelović

    Planing and development
  • Ivana Simic

    Ivana Simić

    Planing and development

Department of Information Technology

  • Jelena Vasilijevic

    Jelena Vasilijević

    Director of Development for the Web
  • Nikola Temisanovic

    Nikola Temišanović

    Web Designer
  • Ivan Sabo

    Ivan Sabo

    Web Developer
  • Boban Ćirković

    Boban Ćirković

    Web Developer
  • Boban Ćirković

    Milan Žudić

    FrontEnd Developer

Sales / Administration and client support

  • Samir Merdžanić

    Samir Merdžanić

    Sales Manager
  • Boban Jovanovic

    Boban Jovanović

    Sales Manager
  • Angelina Milinovic

    Angelina Milinović

    Sales Manager
  • Marija Janković

    Marija Janković

    Sales Manager - Thasos
  • Ivana & Michael Caldis

    Ivana & Michael CALDIS

    Sales Manager - Greece
  • Katarina Stošić

    Katarina Stošić

    Sales Manager
  • Vuk Ignjic

    Vuk Ignjić

    Sales Manager
  • Martin Argirov

    Martin Argirov

    Sales Manager - Bulgaria


  • Nevena Ranitović

    Nevena Ranitović

  • Milana Obric

    Milana Obrić

  • Nada Tesla

    Nada Tesla

  • Ana Isailovic

    Ana Isailović

  • Kristina Zivanovic

    Kristina Živanović

  • Martin Argirov

    Martin Argirov

  • Sanja Nastasic

    Sanja Nastasić

  • Tadej Accento

    Tadej Accento

  • Marko Golic

    Marko Golić



We are looking for sales agents!
You can contact us on jobs@gdenaplaninu.com.

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