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Premium package

You want complete presentation of your accommodation?
Premium Package of our esrvices will allow you unlimited photo galleries, accommodation units and booking calendars. Accommodation units will allow you to create separate presentation of apartments/rooms of your house with complete photo galleries

What is the cost ?
One caffe per month (2.5 EUR-a) Payable annually EUR 30 for 1 year

Buy Premium Package (30 EUR)

Garanteed positin in your city!

You want to be on first page of you City?
With this service you will get garanteed position in your City
Until this service is active on your accommodation you can't get lower position from the agreed position, you can get only better position.(if somebody with better position then yours not continue with this service.
After this service expires, you have priority for renewing it!

Contact us on to check availability of next free garanteed positin in your City!

Buy service of garanteed position in your city (50 EUR/year)

You want that our agent visit you and help you with creating your presentation?

You don't have good enough photos of your accommodation?
Contact us to arrange when suits you best!
Services - visiting your accommodation applies only to the territory of Montenegro and it cost 20 EUR. Agent will photograph your accommodation and create a presentation on the spot.
Accommodation visit is free if you are taking Premium Package with positioning!
Our agent in Montenegro you can contact on phone: +382 69 255 977

You decided?

You can pay your service with any of the following:

Using VISA card or MasterCard directly on Internet

On PayPal account

On bank account in Montenegro

On bank account in Croatia

On bank account in Serbia

Directly to our agent in Montenegro